About Us

Music Signal Processing is at the core of everything we do at MuSigPro. We are a team of audio technology researchers and computer scientists driven by our love for music and our goal of connecting the world through our cutting-edge music technology products. MuSigPro Pte Ltd was founded in 2019 in Singapore. It is a National University of Singapore (NUS) spin-off funded by NUS Graduate Research Innovation Program (GRIP).

MuSigPro is an online singing competition platform that can automatically, objectively, and instantly assess singing quality. It is powered by our patent-pending AI based singing quality evaluation technology. Our technology evaluates singing quality using data-driven methods to characterise musical parameters such as pitch and rhythm. Our core-audio IP is what differentiates us from others who claim to have similar solutions.

  • MuSigPro is a go-to platform for singing enthusiasts to showcase their talent, and gain popularity.
  • MuSigPro provides a cost-effective and easily accessible solution to organise customized singing competitions.
  • MuSigPro is useful for budding musicians, music bands and singers, to promote their music and engage with and grow their fan-base.
  • MuSigPro is also a promotional tool for brands to increase user engagement and growth.

MuSigPro is now available on web and android.

We are open to any business propositions that require our music-software solution.

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